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St. Joseph School in Homewood, Illinois is a culturally diverse Catholic elementary school. We are centrally located in the downtown area of the village, approximately twenty-five miles south of Chicago in Cook County. We serve residents from Homewood and many other surrounding towns. Approximately 200 children, grades preschool through eight, receive daily instruction. In general, our students are lively, creative, courteous, and intelligent. They consistently perform well above the national norm and progress smoothly to high school. The general atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful, and all are treated respectfully and courteously. Mutual trust and concern support a genuine sense of community amongst all involved with the school. Parents are supportive of the school and involved in their children's education. Many families benefit from our before and after school Extended Day service. Our school building is well-maintained and safe, providing appropriate space for all necessary educational endeavors including a gym, computer lab, library, and science lab. The entire building is networked and Internet access is available throught the school. The village auditorium, village offices, public library, chamber of commerce, and police and fire stations are all within one block, and St. Joseph School enjoys cooperative community/educational relationships with all of them.


Commitment to excellence has been the cornerstone of St. Joseph School since its opening in 1926. Our philosophy and school goals, collaboratively written by our faculty, are based on a clear sense of the purpose of Catholic education. As a comprehensive elementary school, we provide students with opportunities for the pursuit of academic excellence, creative expression, and spiritual/moral growth. The curriculum is current and competitive and provides structure through traditional coursework while also offering students varied learning experiences to help them explore and develop their individual talents. The core curriculum is enhanced by art, music, and physical education programs. We strive to guide students in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to become lifelong learners, competent problem solvers, and ethical decision-makers. Excellence is expected and encouraged from both teachers and students. Evidence of our quality program is demonstrated through the students' ability to express themselves creatively and critically, the responsibility they take for their learning, and their participation in leadership roles.


St. Joseph School is an outstanding place to learn, a place where every person is valued. We believe in our students and make every effort to assure that they are successfully prepared for the challenges of their future.


Protecting Our Children / Volunteers

Click here for the information that parents need in completing forms for compliance with the Archdiocese to volunteer in our school.

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